19 April 2023

Save the date for the FICS Social Investment Coalition and ALIDE's event: "Webinar on Social Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)"

Social Investment LAC

While social challenges are more accute than ever, social investments are a powerful source of growth and innovation for tackling them. In addition, social investments provide significant returns on investment and multiplier effects, by simultaneously impacting positively people’s well-being and social cohesion.

However, the current social investment ecosystem could still be strengthened and scaled up, including namely in emerging and developing countries, as many in LAC. Despite recent efforts, the ecosystem remains indeed limited, given its low scale of operation and lack of innovative market models and financial resources.

ALIDE, as an institution that gathers the region's development banks, together with the Coalition for Social Investment, can play a strategic role to facilitate the collaboration on this topic among the different PDBs, especially now, on the "road to" the upcoming Finance in Common Annual Summit, taking place for the first time this year in LAC.