2022 Summit

19-20 October 2022


The third edition of the FICS will take place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on 19-20 October 2022, and will be co-hosted by the African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.

This year edition’s theme will be “Green and Just transition for a sustainable recovery”, and will provide an opportunity to highlight the key role of PDBs in supporting the transformation of economies and financial systems towards sustainability, while addressing the most pressing needs of developing countries and vulnerable groups.

As the COVID 19 crisis wrote off decades of economic investments and social progress, it is crucial to mainstream green and just transition principles in all financial actors’ investments and operations in order to build back greener and fairer. The third FICS Summit will therefore foster debates on the importance to finance in common resilience and adaptation, green and quality infrastructure, health and social protection, while supporting human rights-based approach and fighting against inequalities.

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2021 Summit

19-20 October 2021

Building upon the positive results of the first edition of the Finance in Common Summit (FiCS), Public Development Banks convened for a second time to reiterate and reinforce their commitments in support of common actions for climate and sustainable development.

The Summit was hosted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), the Italian National Promotional Institution and Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and with the support from all the members of the Finance in Common Coalition. It was held 19-20 October 2021 in Rome and in digital format, and gathered the whole development bank community, comprising more than 500 PDBs and other key stakeholders (governments, central banks, private sector, civil society, think tanks and academia, etc.).



Progress and New Directions for the Public Development Banks Coalition and its Stakeholders


Finance in Common Summit: Public Development Banks around the world strengthen their commitment to post-pandemic recovery, sustainable development and agriculture


  • Context and objectives: click here
  • The role of finance and PDBs for promoting sustainable agriculture worldwide: click here
  • The challenge of the digital agricultural revolution: click here
  • Operationalizing the agriculture-planet nexus: click here
  • How to make agriculture and food systems part of the climate solution? click here 
  • Do more, do better! Partnering for social investment: click here 
  • The role of PDBs in promoting sustainable agriculture around the world: click here
  • Scaling up Green, Social and Sustainability bonds in developing countries: click here 
  • Unlocking finance for an urban and territorial just transition, the role of SDBs: click here
  • Investing for change: from water and sanitation investments to resilient countries with PDBs: click here
  • How to reinforce collaboration between foundations, private philanthropy, public donors and PDBs: click here 
  • Investing in adaptation and leveraging Nature-based solutions to build resiliency: click here 
  • 500+ mobilized for the Finance in Common Coalition: the first database on PDBs and DFIs worldwide: click here
  • The global coalition of PDBs: potentials, results and new roadmap for Finance in Common Coalition: click here
  • Sustainable Finance to ‘leave no one behind’: click here
  • Leaders' dialogue: click here 
  • Public Development Banks – Investors Dialogue: click here
  • Gender Equality, Climate Change and Funding: click here 
  • Inclusive financing solutions for Africa’s entrepreneurs: click here 
  • Scaling-up PDBs’ sport for sustainable development programs: click here 
  • The Finance in Common Summit 2021: towards G20, COP 26 and FiCS 2022: click here

Partners 2021 Summit

Partners 2021 edition

2020 Summit

Building Resilience for People and Planet  

The first edition of the Finance in Common Summit (9-12 November 2020) underscored the crucial role of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in reconciling short-term countercyclical responses with sustainable recovery measures that will have a long-term impact on the planet and societies.

By reconciling the entire finance community in support of common action for climate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Finance in Common Summit was a key milestone on the way to the crucial events of 2021, notably the COP26, the COP15 and the Generation Equality Forum.



Joint Declaration 

The first deliverable of the Finance in Common Summit is a joint declaration of all Public Development Banks stating their willingness to contribute to the recovery and align with sustainable finance principles.


  • Opening Session : click here
  • Mobilisation of Development Finance for Sustainable Sport click here
  • State of Green Banks 2020: A Global Movement in the Making : click here
  • How to Make the Most of Public Development Banks : click here 
  • Finance in Common: All Stakeholders to Join Forces with Public Development Banks : click here
  • High-Level Events
    • Africa: Towards a Sustainable Recovery for the Private Sector - click here 
    • Human Security in Fragile Settings: Scaling-Up Humanitarian and Resilience Investment - click here 
    • Key Role of Public Equity in Financing Both the Post-Covid-19 Recovery and Responsible Investment - click here 
    • Development Banks as Actors for Change Towards Gender Equality - click here 
    • Financing Local Action and Resilient Cities: The Role of Subnational Development Banks - click here
    • Financing Sustainable Food Systems: PDBs as Catalysts of New Investment Models - click here 
    • European and Global Leadership in Paris Alignment: Commitment to Action! - click here 
    • Accelerating Investment for Climate Adaptation and Resilience - click here
    • Social Investment for People, Planet and Prosperity - click here
    • Building Back Better with a Biodiversity-Positive Economy - click here 

Public Development Banks in Action

The PDBs in Action platform seeks to promote projects and programs led by PDBs in their respective jurisdictions, whether international, regional or national, that illustrate the critical role of PDBs in addressing urgent issues, sustainable recovery, and climate action, and in achieving positive outcomes for people and planet.

The projects may also be supported (and in some cases, led) by other partners, e.g. humanitarian or philanthropic organizations, NGOs, universities, or Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), each bringing a comparative advantage on the operational schemes.

30 projects are showcased during the Finance in Common Summit.

See the 30 PDBs in Action showcase 

PDBs in Action

Partners 2020 Summit

The inaugural edition of the Finance in Common Summit has been made possible with support from the following organizations: