19 November 2021

The Role of National PDBs in Financing Green Transition

IDFC is at COP 26 in Glasgow, UK !

Session organized by the State Development Corporation VEB.RF

November 3, 2021, 11:30 – 13:00

IDFC Pavilion, COP 26, Glasgow

The session will be built around the role of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in financing green transition of national economies. It is natural for the PDBs to play key role in these processes, but the means to this end may differ significantly from country to country. The participants will discuss:  Different ways of financing green transition of their respective economies  The role of PDBs in forming standards for sustainable finance markets

  • The use of national and transnational taxonomies of sustainable finance in the process of financing
  • Introduction and support of new financial instruments: green, sustainable, transitional bonds and credits
  • Climate and environment-related aspects of export support
  • Multilateral financing of sustainable development projects Participating PDBs will conduct a thorough exchange of experience and present particular cases of how to better use existing regulatory frameworks and their own developments in fostering sustainable finance market in their respective countries.

Moderator: VEB.RF – Mikhail Korostikov

Featured Speakers:

  • VEB.RF – Sergey Storchak,
  • Senior Banker CDC (France) – confirmed
  • BNDES (Brazil) – confirmed online (alternatively participation in-person on Nov 4)
  • DBSA (South Africa) – confirmed, Patrick Dlamini,
  • CEO IDFC – in the works
  • CAF (Latin America) – confirmed Russian Ministry of Economic Development – in the works