04 September 2023

Taking Gender Mainstreaming Seriously in Climate Finance


The devastating impacts of climate change have already been felt across the world, resulting in a global urgency for climate action and rapid mobilisation of climate finance to support mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Women, men, boys and girls (of different ethnicity, identity, social class and status, age, race, dis/abilities, political setting and geographical location) are affected differently by the impacts of climate change. The differentiated impacts of climate change are shaped by gender inequalities. Gender equality is now acknowledged as a means for shaping effective climate change action, while climate finance is recognised as central to implementing gender equitable climate action. This policy brief provides insight into the mainstreaming of gender in climate finance and the public development banks’ commitment to supporting gender-responsive climate action. Among the key recommendations is the need to elevate the level of ambition by adopting a gender-transformative approach to climate financing.