07 November 2022

Sustainable Bond with Gender Perspective for Infrastructure Projects



Infrastructure is not gender neutral and with the issuance of Sustainable Bonds with Gender Perspective, Banobras commits to maximize positive and equitable benefits while also generating opportunities and access to women and vulnerable groups by financing infrastructure projects that meet their needs. Projects identified from Mexican states and municipalities (our clients) amounts US$1 bn. Direct impact in the population of those territories: 4 million beneficiaries with affordable basic infrastructure, 2.5 million beneficiaries from health, education and public spaces and 1.7 million public transport users per day. The Framework  and the eligible portfolio has the second opinion of Sustainalitycs  and KPIs to evaluate the eligible projects will be reported.

Financing instrument: Bonds

Duration: With 4 and 7 year maturity


Banobras, a Mexican Development Bank of the Federal Government, that promotes financing for the development of infrastructure and the provision of public services. Its mandate is to finance or refinance public or private investment in infrastructure and public services as well as, to contribute to the institutional strengthening of federal, state, and municipal governments, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.