08 November 2022

Public Development Banks Statement on Human Rights and Human Rights-Based Approach


During the Finance in Common 2022, the Public Development Banks community discussed directly with civil society and policy makers on how to use the human rights-based approach as a concrete tool to strengthen PDBs' integration of human rights and community-led development. 

The link between development and human rights has been operationally translated into the human rights-based approach to development (HRBA). Supported by the United Nations and civil society, the HRBA has been progressively integrated into the operational policies of various public development actors, first and foremost the specialized agencies of the United Nations, the European Union and some of its Member States and development agencies and other development actors. 

The HRBA is based on the idea that development contributes to the realization of human rights by creating the conditions for their effective enjoyment, and that at the same time, the respect and realization of these rights are essential for achieving a truly sustainable development. Thus, the respect and realization of human rights becomes both a means and a goal of sustainable development. On this basis, human rights form the backbone of the 2030 Agenda, which is grounded in international human rights treaties. More than 90% of the SDGs targets reflect specific provisions of international human rights treaties.

The first FICS 2022 Human Rights and Human Rights-Based Approach Statement was produced and endorsed by five institutions.