25 October 2022

PDBs’ catalytic role in achieving the UN SDGs, Natixis GSH study with the IDFC

Catalyc role

PDBs cannot strictly be aligned per se with the SDGs, nor more than a company, because the 2030 Agenda is a framework designed by and for countries. Is the notion of “alignment” so easily transposable to the multidimensional nature of the 2030 Agenda? How can PDBs act as alignment catalyzers or enablers?

Although SDGs are quantified targets, the causal pathways to achieve them are hard to decipher. Many exogenous factors influence their fulfillment. Contrary to carbon and climate finance, “SDG accounting or budgeting” does not exist yet. This report, produced by the International Development Club (IDFC) and Natixis will raise the question of efforts allocation between actors and methods to set individual contribution targets and invent proper units.