Public Development Banks Database

The first database on Public Development Banks (PDBs) 

Who are the development banks and the development finance institutions, what are their characteristics and mandate? What assets do they mobilize, and what is their weight in the global financial market? Based on their annual reports, the database on Public Development Banks (PDBs) provides, for the first time, a comprehensive mapping of development banks worldwide.

There are about 450 Public Development Banks (PDBs), in the world. Spread over all continents, with varying sizes, geographies and themes of intervention, these very diverse institutions have a combined total of $11.2 trillion in assets. Despite their global renaissance, their role, functioning and effectiveness are still overlooked, mostly due to a lack of data.

To fill this gap and better understand these essential institutions, the Institute of New Structural Economics (INSE) at Peking University and the Agence française de développement (AFD) have developed the first comprehensive database on development banks. An analysis work is in progress, using this data to establish a typology of these institutions. The first results will be shared during the 14th AFD International Research Conference on Development, The Visible Hand: Development Banks in Transition, in the framework of the Finance in Common Summit.

Simultaneously, AFD is working on two algorithms. The first aims to computerize the search for financial data; the second, based on an algorithm created in partnership by AFD and the OECD, will make it possible to highlight the way in which ODDs are taken into account by development banks.

This work is part of the research program “Realizing the Potential of Public Development Banks and Development Finance Institutions for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, launched by the Institute of New Structural Economics (INSE) at Peking University, and sponsored by the Agence française de développement (AFD), Ford Foundation, and the International Development Finance Club (IDFC).