19 October 2022

Launch of the FICS Coalition on Resilient Cities and Regions


The FICS Coalition on Resilient Cities and Regions will hold a working session to better define and advance its modus operandi and avenues for mobilization and action for the following months. This thematic coalition initiated under the FICS umbrella, jointly led by the Global Fund for Cities and Development (FMDV) and the French Development Agency (AFD), is dedicated to financing sustainable, fair and resilient urban development. It aims to launch, bring together or stimulate the initiatives of FICS members and partners on this key market-segment. The Coalition aims to create a global and strategic community of practice for multilateral, regional, national and subnational public development banks based on their mandate to finance subnational urban development.

First objectives cover:

  • Highlighting and sharing innovative solutions tested by public development banks to address the structural weakness of the urban resilience financing market,
  • Strengthening their roles and capacities to diversify their products and services (technical and financial) in relation to their national and sub-national clients.
  • Producing studies capitalizing on the expertise and experience of its members or pioneering new approaches, partnerships, and instruments.
  • Reporting to the FICS on its progress and activities, and carrying out advocacy and promotion actions within the framework of international conferences (CoP, Sustainable Development Agenda, etc.) Feedback on the progress of the two Alliances of Subnational Development Banks in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean is planned during the session, as an illustration of the typology of initiatives that the Coalition members could launch or support in the future, depending on their joint interest.