25 October 2022

IDFC's Toolkit - Integrating Biodiversity into Strategies and Operations of Development Finance Institutions


The International Development Finance Club (IDFC) “Biodiversity Toolbox” introduces the conceptual foundations for understanding the role of biodiversity for financial institutions. It is designed to help its readers navigate the wealth of information in this dynamically developing field. It mostly addresses members of the IDFC, their clients and any other financial institution willing to include biodiversity in its operations.

At its core, it provides a stepwise approach to integrate biodiversity concerns into the strategies and operations of development finance institutions. Each step is then illustrated with a selection of available methods, tools and examples. The tools presented are merely a selection, as there are new advancements all the time. That is why this toolbox is supposed to be a living document that will be a reference and a source of inspiration for its users and facilitate a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience among IDFC members.