23 June 2022

ICR Facility: Call for Proposals for Development Banks

ICR Call for Proposal

They are invited to describe the topics for which they are seeking support from the ICR Facility and the results they expect from this support. Banks will be asked to submit a set of proposed activities, the majority of which should be activities to empower women's economic participation or be related to investment approaches that consider gender aspects. In order to take into account the significant needs of DFIs for technical assistance, proposals may also include topics that are not directly related to gender. Such activities may take the form of advisory services, training, and development of financial tools or products, implementation of strategies, among others.

This call for projects is time-limited. DFIs can submit their proposals on the ICRs website until the 9th of September 2022. This call for proposals is open to applications solely to national or regional DFIs that are wholly or partially publicly funded and have a development mandate. 

At the end, six banks will be selected and will receive tailored technical assistance over the period September 2022 to August 2025.

Examples of support that you could receive:

  • Governance and reporting, especially designing gender-responsive M&E systems
  • Conducting institutional assessments, especially related to gender
  • Development of gender policies, gender strategies and/ or gender action plans
  • Market research, for example on the needs of women entrepreneurs
  • Support in building a business case and developing advisory services, esp. for women entrepreneurs
  • Refinement of financial products, esp. products that cater to the needs of female clients

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