25 October 2022

FICS 2022 Progress report


As the world struggles with the effects of multiple interconnected shocks, actors from the global public financial system have a critical role to play to mitigate these negative consequences for people and the planet. These growing risks and a widened financing gap are seriously challenging our compass for a resilient future, the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. In this context of recurring crises, there are various reasons why our coalition is more valuable and relevant than ever, only in its third year of existence.

The Finance in Common 2022 rogress report is a key repository to showcase our collective endeavor in this regard, and reflect on our joint efforts to implement the joint declaration from 2020. It will present the main progress and achievements from the PDBs regional networks and the FICS thematic coalitions, highlighting the dynamism of PDBs at a regional level and on thematic challenges. The report will also comes back on the highlights from the different workstreams of the Secretariat, while proposing a tribune to some of our members to provide insights on current topics of interest for Public Development Banks.