30 August 2023

Art in the Doing - Public Development Banks Serving Public Policies

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Our previous joint flagship database report titled “Mapping 500+ Development Banks: Qualification Criteria, Stylized Facts, and Development Trends” has identified eight official mandates of public development banks and development financing institutions (PDBs/ DFIs) worldwide, but little is known about what the specific public policy areas (PPAs) engaged or pursued by PDBs/DFIs with a flexible mandate are and whether PDBs/DFIs with a single official mandate engage in public policy areas other than their mandates. Building on firsthand data collection, this report aims to fill this gap by systematically identifying public policy areas that are actively pursued by PDBs/DFIs in practice. To gain additional insights, this report further investigates the frequency of public policy areas pursued by PDBs/DFIs and what types of PDBs/DFIs are more likely to engage in a specific public policy area.