18 November 2020

Adapting businesses - CDC Group

Adapting Businesses


Zephyr Power is a renewable-energy company in Pakistan developing a 50 MW wind farm. CDC is supporting Zephyr to adapt to climate change through a mangrove rehabilitation programme to provide protection from flooding, a risk due to the wind farm’s tidal, coastal location.
The mangroves physically protect civil infrastructure such as roads and wind turbine platforms by building up the soil level and acting as buffers against storms. This reduces damage to the infrastructure, bringing down maintenance costs. The programme also restores biodiversity, benefitting local livelihoods. Mangroves are a breeding ground for wildlife and fishermen are seeing growing fish populations. 
The mangrove programme already benefits Zephyr and the local community. As the impact of climate change increases and sea levels rise, the mangroves will become even more important, increasing Zephyr’s resilience


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